logo1024 State of the Art bulk and distirbution center with over 380,000 gallons  stoarge of oxidiers, food grade, acid, caultic and hazardous materials. See Southwest Project Profile.

Univar  80,000 square foot building / warehouse. Hazardous storage with full    hazardous materials containment. See Project Profile

 chemcentral_logoCompleted over 22 major projects – new facilities and major renovations.  A few examples Los Angeles, CA ●  Chicago, IL ● Atlanta, GA


sm_masonic 10,000 square foot Maintenance Facilty. See Project Profile
25,000 square  foot Special Needs Daycare. See Project Profile


 logo1024 Warehouse, tank farms, rail & dock loading/off-loading and  containment, Tulsa, OK. Upgrade warehouse and Office areas, Billings, MO (Pacific Region)

Renovation of a 13,000 square foot building to house the University of  Louisville Star Autism Center. See Project Profile


 ideal  Conceptual designs for renovation of hazardous storage facility.

sm_hitech_top_logo Injection and Molding facility ● See Project Profile


 D.J Inc. Nypro / Injection and Molding facility ● See Project Profile

 sm_heitzmanCommercial Bakery and outlet stores.



uspaint Tankfarm and truck off-loading.



 sm_wfCommercial Kitchen and food warehouse and truck maintenance with corp offices.



 valleyHazardous Storage consulting.



 sm_CPHazardous Storage, truck off-loading and packaging.