Hazardous Materials

Handling hazardous materials is a job which requires extremely specialized knowledge. In addition to knowing the intricacies of building safe processing systems, tank farms, and other storage facilities, the task demands a thorough understanding of the constantly changing specifications of the regulatory agencies. “PCA” specializes in the design and construction of facilities for handling, processing, and storage of hazardous materials.We count among our loyal clients some of the biggest chemical companies in the world.

You can be confident we possess the skill and resources to provide the level of service your company needs. We’re the HazMat construction experts. Hazardous materials handling is an area where you simply can’t afford to take chances.There’s no need for you to spend the time and shoulder the expense of leading a company with lesser experience through the learning curve. “PCA” is ready right now to bring you the benefits of our years of experience and proven responsiblity in this area. “PCA” provides a invaluable Hazardous Materials reference and information web site. Click Here to use.

 Hazmat Consulting Hazardous Materials Design and Construction Project  Hazmat Consulting Hazardous Materials Design and Construction Project Hazmat Consulting Hazardous Materials Design and Construction Project


“PCA” and our expertise and experience transends very well to commercial building design and construction. “PCA” has recently designed and built structures in areas such as day cares, healthcare centers and general use facilities.

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Production – Warehousing

“PCA” further expanded the teams expertise by leveraging our extensive knowledge of hazardous materials handling into providing solutions into the areas of production and warehousing. Our team, through design, help create time-saving production solutions and provide creative ways to solve warehousing spacing and storage challenges.

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Plastics & Injection Molding

“PCA” again used the teams expertise and was able to apply the knowledge of hazardous materials, production and warehousing to design and build several structures and plants in this industry.

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