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Planning and Construction Associates, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Patrick Miller. Mr. Miller observed how most construction buyers were concerned with being treated fairly in the construction market, even with the simplest projects. He recognized that in every project there are hundreds of choices to be made, and each supplier and contractor will do their best to convince you their choice is the best. With so many options and means of construction, evaluation of designs and contractors was a nightmare: often when an architectural firm was employed separately, control over cost was lost; when a construction contract was awarded, the low-bid general contractor would start to reduce cost to make more profit; changes and substitutions would be made without the owner’s knowledge; and cost cutting recommendations would be presented as improvements while no savings were offered to the owner. Every opportunity for an order change was taken, often with inflated markups.

Many large corporations found it necessary to develop in-house construction departments in order to get a clear evaluation. This became a costly burden on those companies and was totally unfeasible for the smaller companies.

Mr. Miller believed a niche market existed for a company who could act as the client’s construction department – working in more of a partnership and giving the owner unbiased opinions and recommendations. He established this company on the concept of building relationships with the clientele based on trust and openness, and longevity rather than quick profitability. A company which realizes it exists solely on the needs of it’s clients. The company experienced significant growth over the last several years and expanded the staff in order to meet the needs of our clients. We are constantly improving our staff through technology, education and training.



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